Wes Cookson STEEL ART by WES 360-953-7374 Battle Ground, WA email steelartbywes@yahoo.com or pearlcook_2000@yahoo.com
Wes Cookson    STEEL ART by WES 360-953-7374   Battle Ground, WA             email  steelartbywes@yahoo.com     or    pearlcook_2000@yahoo.com


My career as an artist in steel is fairly new compared to my 73 years.

  I have worked my entire life with my hands-- such as auto and equipment mechanics; tree felling; welding and metal fabricating. Over the years I have always had a desire to express myself artisticly. 

    My wife, Diana and I moved from Washington state where we raised our 7 children to Arizona in 1999. First in Phoenix, we now live in Prescott Valley, AZ.  For the past few years I have been putting my artistic abilities to use, creating various pieces using my welding skills. With my family's encouragement, here I am. 

    I am devoting much of my time to developing my art. Diana helps me with the finish work on each piece. You will see an old west design to much of my work. I hope you enjoy your visit.

   July, 2014:   Because of health reasons we have moved back to SW Washington where we can be close to most of our children.